A simple but effective, long-term solution that will stop and collect waste before entering the Oceans and re-direct plastics toward recycling.

Waste and debris normally accumulate in the river meanders where water flow creates a gyre.

The basic idea is following this natural principle and creating the conditions to divert the waste from the main stream and trap it in a collection basin where it can be easily removed.

The Blue Barriers are built in two or more blocks in order to minimise the impact on river life and allow boats navigation.

The barriers partially sink under the river level to stop not just the floating objects but also the wasteunder the water surface.

The structure is a permanent and long-term solution, it has been designed to resist to challenging river conditions and to minimise the maintenance required.

In order to respond to eventual emergency situations, we included a manual opening device that will release the barriers if needed.

Stopping waste before it reaches the Ocean is fundamental to solving this global environmental crisis; however, we believe that we could do more.

In growing countries, the installation of the Blue Barriers will give the opportunity of including a waste manual sorting site where the material collected can be sorted and sold, producing a profit, creating job opportunities and an additional reason to maintain the structure at its best operational conditions.

Ones the structure and site will be fully operative the final objective is to expand the capacity, starting to process not just river waste but also the ones from the surrounding residential areas.

Installing SEADS barriers will bring a solution not just for stopping the waste before they reach the Ocean, but also an opportunity to work towards stopping them even reaching the rivers.

Studies report that only 10 to 20 rivers in the world are responsible for more than 88% of the total plastic entering the Oceans.

"If the Blue Barriers would be installed in these rivers the positive impact could represent a tangible big step forward toward the solution."